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Business Area, Strategy and Company Background

LaserOpís charter is to develop, manufacture and market industrial laser systems and related auxiliary devices.

The company is involved in several fields. Two primary areas are laser processing of materials and laser marking (static and on-the-fly). The technical disciplines, which are the companyís core competency, are Physics, Electro-optics, Software (real time), Control, Hardware, Electronics and Mechanics. As the basic technology suits numerous applications, the companyís target market is diversified. While a major market is the electronics and semiconductor industries, the company is also very active in the application of lasers in the fields of general marking, packaging and diamond processing.

LaserOp represents several key international laser companies in Israel and markets its products to OEM industrial and academic customers. The reputation of LaserOp, its after sale service, and its know how in applications is an asset for those marketing activities.

The company strategy is to continually upgrade and refine its current products, while developing new products and technology in close contact with end users. LaserOp will continue to promote the products of the companies it represents and market them to OEM and end users.

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