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LaserOp's systems are designed to be cost effective in purchase, operation and maintenance. LaserOp offers OEM, turn-key and custom-made systems tailored for specific applications.

Some of LaserOp's products:

LensMark is a laser system for inscribing of discernible and non-discernible marks on Progressive Addition Lenses.
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LensMark / Auto
The Automatic Laser System for the Inscription of Discernable and Non-Discernable Marks on Ophthalmic Lenses
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cMARK is an OEM CO2 laser marker. It is designed to integrate into your system or production line. Just add a computer and safety enclosure, and you have a complete laser marker.
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LaScore is a range of laser systems which apply straight and curved scoring lines on laminated packaging material. Laminated plastic materials are widely used for packaging of products like coffee, soups, powders, shampoo, etc. To open those packages, one typically uses scissors or teeth... The scoring enables an easy and clean opening of the package by guiding the tear along a predetermined line. The scoring is done while the web rolls at a speed of several meters per sec. LaScore systems operate on production lines since 1995.
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The μMARK is a unique computerized laser system for the marking of Chip Size Packages (CSP) in a wafer form. The wafer is automatically aligned (manual alignment is also possible) for an accurate and reproducible marking. The whole process is controlled and monitored by both hardware and software. The mark layout is designed with a built-in graphic editor. The mark may include characters, graphics, logos and “leg-1” dot. The system may use either a CO2 or a Nd:Yag laser.
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Laser System for the Processing of Diamonds Several breakthroughs by LaserOp lead to the development of a laser system for sawing and scribing, as well as fancy design and cut of gem diamonds. Many LaserOp machines are currently operating in several diamond manufacturing countries since 1990.
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