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LensMark / Auto

The Automatic Laser System for the Inscription of Discernable and Non-Discernable Marks on Ophthalmic Lenses

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The LensMark / Auto™ system is an evolution of the widely used LensMark II™ system, with the addition of automatic loading and unloading of lenses from trays. The LensMark / Auto™ integrates easily with production lines, has high throughput, occupies small floor space and is inexpensive to operate and maintain.

Integration in production lines: A short conveyer propagates the trays through the marking compartment. Just introduce the tray to the entry port and collect it, with marked lenses, at the exit.

Independence and compatibility: LensMark / Auto™ is a stand-alone unit which does not need communication with other stations in the production line.

Throughput: Approx. 90 trays (180 lenses) per hour. Tray cycle time: approx. 40 sec.

Conveyer: Uni-directional. Length: 117 cm Height: 109-114 cm. Speed: 2-7 meters/second (Factory set. Adjustment: ± 10%)

Dimensions: Base: LXW 52X120 cm; Height: 152 cm; Dimensions Including conveyer: LXW: 117X120 cm

Electricity: Single-phase 110/220 ± 10% (set at the factory), 50/60 Hz, 10A.

Safety: Conforms to CE, CDRH and FCC standards. The laser system is a class 1 product.

Note: LaserOp reserves the right to modify the above specification without advanced notice.


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