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January 2007
LaserOp supplied its first LogoMark system.
The LogoMark inscribes a logo, or any other graphics, on finished or semi-finished ophthalmic lenses. The inscription is done on the convex surface, regardless of its radius of curvature and diopter.

May 2006

In MIDO 2006 (Milano, May 2006) LaserOp introduced the LensMark / Auto.
The system is an upgrade of the popular LensMark II system for the inscription of non-discernable marks on progressive addition lenses. LensMark / Auto adds automatic loading and unloading of the lenses from a tray moving on a conveyer. Operation is easy: Just introduce the tray at the input port of the conveyer and collect it at the output port after about 40 seconds, with the lenses inscribed.

November 2004

LaserOp has invented solutions for the production of non-discernable marks on plastic materials which are tinted after the engraving. These patent pending solutions suit in particular ophthalmic organic (plastic) lenses, both conventional and "free-form".

Tinting was one of the main obstacles for CO2 based laser systems used for the inscription of non-discernable marks on ophthalmic organic lenses. Typically, when the lens was tinted following the engraving, the invisible mark turned visible. LaserOp's solutions solve this issue, allowing the use of the LensMark II laser inscriber to be used, for instance, in a free form production line.

May 2004
In MIDO 2004 (Milano, May 7-9, 2004) LensMark II proved to be the most cost effective system on the market today. This competitive cost, at purchase and at operation, along with its proven excellent results on polycarbonate, index 1.5, index 1.6, index 1.67 and Trivex brought a warm welcome from the market.

March 2004
LaserOp Ltd. has released the LensMark II: the new model of its laser system for the inscription of non-discernable marks on progressive lenses. The LensMark II results in a nicer inscription of characters, signs and logos, and is friendlier to the designer and operator. Most important: Now you can inscribe not only CR39, index 1.6, Index 1.67 and Trivex, but also on POLYCARBONATE. This is a real breakthrough.
LaserOp emphasizes the affordable purchasing cost, the very low operational cost and the high reliability of the system.
The system was developed with the cooperation of Shamir Optics, and is synchronized with its Prescriptor software. However, it can be easilly adapted to other software as well."

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