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LensMark II

Discernible and Non Discernible Laser Inscribing on Progressive Lenses

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Now you can permanently inscribe your logo and reference marks on progressive addition lenses – in-house, easily and at an affordable price. No need to stock pre-marked lenses. No more difficulties in recognizing your own product. The LensMark II system is so flexible, that you can even personalize each lens with the owner’s name.

Polycarbonate, CR39, Index 1.6, Index 1.67 and Trivex can all be inscribed simply, safely and reliably. You can chose between easily visible marks or invisible marks which are seen only when the lens is carefully observed.
Affordable Breakthrough technology enables low initial price and very low operating cost.
Fast and Automatic The LensMark II inscribes the marks automatically on the left or right lens or on both and prevents inadvertent inscribing on the same lens twice. The data for the marking is retrieved from your database. Loading and unloading is fast and easy.
Easy-to-use Just place the lens on the mount and the LensMark II takes over.
High Quality Accurate and reproducible inscriptions.
No Mechanical Contact Direct, laser beam inscription.
Worry-free Maintenance Reliability is built-in. Maintenance is rarely required.
Flexible Inscribes characters, logos, and geometrical shapes at all angles at virtually any lens curvature within an 80 mm diameter. Inscribes on both convex and concave surfaces.
Safe During routine operation, there is no need for masks or protective eyewear for the operator and others in the room.
Complete System Supplied complete with Windows 2000 Pro operating system and proprietary software.
Technical Single phase 110/220±10% VAC, 50/60 Hz, 8 amps, air cooling.

Note: LaserOp reserves the right to modify the above specification without advanced notice.


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