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The μMARK is a unique computerized laser system for the marking of Chip Size Packages (CSP) in a wafer form. The wafer is automatically aligned (manual alignment is also possible) for an accurate and reproducible marking. The whole process is controlled and monitored by both hardware and software. The mark layout is designed with a built-in graphic editor. The mark may include characters, graphics, logos and leg-1 dot. The system may use either a CO2 or a Nd:Yag laser.

  • Fast load and alignment
  • Fast marking
  • Characters and graphics
  • Flat or curved wafers
  • User friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Up to 8" wafer diameter
  • Chips down to 1x1mm
  • CO2 or Nd:Yag lasers
  • CDRH Class I system


Laser: Air cooled, sealed-off CO2 or diode pumped Nd:Yag 
Marking unit: Galvanometers based scan head
XY Translator: Travel: 203 x 152 mm (8" x 6")
Computer: Pentium 233 MHz and up
Software: Complete operating software for graphics and character editing, mark layout, wafer alignment manually and automatically, chip selection, parametric adjustments, marking test and more.
Operating environment:
Windows NT/2000 Pro
Wafer Size: Up to 203 mm (8") diameter. Larger diameter is optional
Chip Size: Down to approx. 1 x 1 mm
Character size: Down to approx. 200 μm height
Throughput: Depends on the substrate material and number of characters
Dimension: 155 x 65 x 160 cm (L x W x H)
Utilities: Single phase 230 VAC/9A/50Hz or 110 VAC/18A/60Hz
Exhaust: 2" hose to be connected to an outside ventilation
Safety: Class I


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